Ordering Books

Please work with your department's Faculty Representative to the library. That person coordinates book ordering, representing equitably the department's instructional and research priorities.

To receive automatic e-mail alerts of new publications in your areas of interest, contact your library liaison or Christine Fischer, Head of Technical Services.

Book orders may be submitted to the Technical Services Department or to your library liaison in a variety of forms:

Please remember, book orders must include at least:

  • Author and title (for identification of item)
  • Name of requesting department (for fund accounting)
  • Any date limitations (add instructions such as RUSH or course reserve, or mark date needed)

Please include as much additional information as possible, e.g., publisher, date of publication, price, specific edition, series, source of information, name of requester, any special instructions (hold, notify, out of print search).

To help reduce unnecessary duplication of effort in preparing book orders, please search the Library Catalog to see if an item is already owned or on order.

If your department orders large numbers of books that may exceed your department's allocation, please submit orders batched according to three levels of priority:

  • Priority #1 - Most important; order immediately
  • Priority #2 - Important; order after first priority items as funds permit
  • Priority #3 - Desirable; order after February 1 if all first and second priority items have been ordered and funds are still available

March 31 is the last day Technical Services will accept book requests from departments for the current fiscal year. Requests received after March 31 typically will be ordered against the department's allocation for the next fiscal year.

If you have any questions, please contact your library liaison or the Technical Services Department at 336.334.5281.