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Overdue Fines and Fees:

Fines are charged on overdue items in order to encourage optimal access to collections. Borrowing and renewing privileges may be blocked when fine and/or fees are owed. *

Notice: Effective May 12, 2014, overdue fines will no longer be charged on Stacks, Current Literature, Audio Book, Paperback and Storage books when borrowed or renewed on or after May 12. Overdue fines will continue to be charged when the last date borrowed or renewed is prior to May 12 and items are 5 or more days overdue when returned or renewed.

Overdue fines will continue to be charged on all Course Reserves, DVDs, Technology, and AV Equipment regardless of the date borrowed.

Effective July 1, 2014, the Processing Fee will be increased to $20 per item for all items that become lost on July 1 or after regardless of when borrowed.

Stacks, Current Literature, Audio Book, Paperback and Storage Items:

  • $.25 per day per item with a maximum accumulation of $10 per item.
  • No fines are charged for a grace period of 4 days after the due date when items are returned within the 4 days. Beginning on the 5th day overdue, fines are charged retroactive to the first day overdue, i.e. on the 5th day overdue the fine is $1.25 with $.25 incrementing each day thereafter.
  • All items are due by midnight or closing, if earlier, on the due date.

Reading Room/Entertainment DVDs:

  • $1 per day per item with a maximum accumulation of $40 per item.
  • No grace period.
  • All items are due by midnight or closing; if earlier, on the due date.

Reserves and Instructional Films:

  • Reserves and Instructional Films have higher fine rates, no grace period or maximum fine and fines are charged around the clock.
  • Items are due at the time stated on the checkout receipt.


* While UNCG Faculty is exempt from paying overdue fines, they are responsible for any fees owed.  When faculty accounts exceed $99.99 owed, they are blocked from borrowing or renewing until the balance is reduced.

Fees are charged to replace and to compensate for efforts involved in processing unreturned and damaged items.


  • Replacement Cost plus Processing Fee for items not returned by the 40th day overdue, declared lost or damaged beyond repair. Replacing items may be a less costly alternative.
  • Charges vary according to type of item. Examples: standard books and Reading Room/Entertainment DVDs $75.


  • $10. per item service fee included in the Replacement Cost of items borrowed from the Libraries and affiliates but not returned by the 40th day overdue.
  • $15. per item service fee charged to UNCG students, faculty and staff for items borrowed from any of the libraries with which the UNCG Libraries’ have a cooperative borrowing program for which we receive a bill.
  • Fee added to damage charges to compensate for staff time and effort in repair, reorder, and re-cataloging processes. Fee is determined by the amount of staff time and effort required.
  • Processing fees are still owed if item is returned or replaced.

Referral to Collections:

  • $15. service fee charged to compensate for referring delinquent accounts to an outside collection agency.


  • Charged to compensate for repairs or permanent damages to items. Examples of damages include, but are not limited to, writing/highlighting, missing pages, dog-eared pages, stains and other damages resulting from water, liquid, food spills, etc.
  • Charges vary depending upon the extent of the damage.
  • Charges may include a processing fee.

Failure to Return Recalled Items:

  • Non-negotiable, non-refundable $75 per item fee that is in addition to any overdue fines, replacement and processing fees owed.